Sometimes we get so caught up in what happened to us that we don’t even realize that we are wearing our past like a badge of honor. We think that our way of thinking is the right way of doing things and that our “gut” feeling is our spirit source leading and guiding us. But in all actuality the decisions that you make are made based on your memories and you “gut” feeling is just last night dinner reeking havoc on your digestive tract. Think of it, what did you eat for dinner last night?

You understand, we must give people a chance to be themselves. Whatever that may be. Isn’t that what we all want? But how can we do that when we are all just trying to get to our destination without being too badly injured? Love. Yes, love. The kind of love, that sees a wrong and gently corrects it or maybe it covers. Most times, if we cover others when they make a mistake and give then another chance maybe they will be willing to do the same for another. Maybe it is time to help other by making better memories. Because you can’t deserve true love anyway. Love is given.

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